Foam Steps for Small Pets | Paw Print on Black
Foam Steps for Small Pets | Paw Print on Black
Foam Steps for Small Pets | Paw Print on Black
Foam Steps for Small Pets | Paw Print on Black
Foam Steps for Small Pets | Paw Print on Black

Foam Steps for Small Pets | Paw Print on Black

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  • Premium Pet Ramps for Dogs and Cats:  These foam steps are designed to cozy right up to the edge of your high bed, tall couch, or other big furniture so your pet can climb up and down to get comfy, so you don't have to carry them either way
  • Support Pet Health and Safety Using Best Pet Supplies: Couch and bed use can help reduce the stress and tension applied to your pet's joints when they're jumping up and down from high places by removing the need altogether
  • Reduces Strain on Older Adults:  Our versatile dog steps not only help your pets they minimize the need for you to have to pick up your animal to get them up on the furniture, which is especially important if you struggle with strength or stability
  • Multiple Step Size Options:  Ideal for small to medium-sized pets these steps for dogs and cats come in 3-step, 4-step, and 5-step options, so you can use them as stairs for beds or pet stairs for cats who need help climbing on a sofa

Front & Centre

We need a close up of your pet’s face and chest so that we can turn them into a great piece of art!


Try to get a close up of your pet. Being on the same level as your pet work best. Try to avoid taking photos from overhead. Remember to make sure their ears are in frame.


You need good lighting for the best result. Photo taken outside or in a well lit room is always recommended, and that you're happy with the colors in your photo.

Customer Reviews

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Jacqui Graziano
Pet stairs that my mini-dachshund could use ( after some small practice and persuading ) These ar...

Finally, finally, finally!!!!!! Pet stairs that my mini-dachshund could use ( after some small practice and persuading ) These are fantastic!!!! They have just the right depth and length for a doxie and even if your pup will be tentative, just me...with patience, treats and lot's of 'you can do it -good boy!!!" they will get used to it because there is nothing in the way of shape or size or style to prevent them. I am so happy I found these after 3 other purchases and them having to take them back! The foam is quite durable yet lightweight if you need to move them. The fabric also is removable for washing. One small tip, if it lies directly on a wood floor, I put a small piece of that rubber type cabinet/drawer lining stuff that is a bit tacky underneath and it worked like a charm to keep it firmly in place. The studier the better for them as the slightest movement of the stairs themselves will scare them away. Again, PERFECT for dachshunds!

Regimal RexRegimal Rex
Purchased for an Elderly Cat with Arthritis

Good quality firm foam core pet stairs. I ordered the faux sheep skin covering.I bought them for my elderly cat. She was recently diagnosed with arthritis in her hips so I thought these might help her get up on the bed. They are a great height for our bed and feel very strong, more than dense enough to accommodate a 8 and half pound cat.I'm having trouble getting her to use them. I've covered them in treats to lure her over and get her to have to use them in order to reach the top treats, but she is sly and suspicious. If she ever starts using them (we've only had them for about a week, so I remain hopeful), I'll come back and change my rating to 5 stars.***edit***My cat started using them shortly after my originsl post. It's great to see her comfortably and confidently getting on the bed again. Great purchase, highly recommend, would buy again.

Great Stairs for little dogs!

Loved these stairs. Nothing to assemble, and super sturdy perfect for my 2.9 lb Pom. Only problem is it slides around. It needs something to stick to the floor. It stay still on carpeting tho.

Dr. Michelle In Ohio
Five Stars

best money i ever spent for my aging cat. she loves the steps. very sturdy.

Yueh-chi Sun
best stairs for dachshund

I would highly recommended this stairs for dachshund owners. I have a 10 year old dachshund and she hates or scared of using stairs, non of the stairs that i bought for her over the years fits her short legs and made her feel comfortable enough to be willing to use the stairs instead of flying up and down from the bed.this is the best by far

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