Breathable Mesh Pet Sling Carrier | Gray
Breathable Mesh Pet Sling Carrier | Gray
Breathable Mesh Pet Sling Carrier | Gray
Breathable Mesh Pet Sling Carrier | Gray
Breathable Mesh Pet Sling Carrier | Gray
Breathable Mesh Pet Sling Carrier | Gray

Breathable Mesh Pet Sling Carrier | Gray

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  • The adjustable strap measures 33-45" long. fits small to large-sized person.
  • Made of leather and mesh, soft, breathable, and durable
  • Super wide padded shoulder strap and sturdy hook, easy to adjust, safe and comfortable for your little pet to stay
  • Hands-free design, compact storage, suitable for small pets, such as Cats, Miniature Pinscher, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian, Mini Poodle, Miniature Schnauzer, Teddy cups, etc.


Front & Centre

We need a close up of your pet’s face and chest so that we can turn them into a great piece of art!


Try to get a close up of your pet. Being on the same level as your pet work best. Try to avoid taking photos from overhead. Remember to make sure their ears are in frame.


You need good lighting for the best result. Photo taken outside or in a well lit room is always recommended, and that you're happy with the colors in your photo.

Customer Reviews

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Rita CoriaRita Coria
Great Carrier

Love, love, love this new pet carrier. My Mia Sofía was quite comfortable on our first trip to Home Depot in it. I even got stopped by a stranger who said she needed one just like that for her yorkie. Mia has put on a few pandemic pounds so this is a Large (she's 12-14 lbs). It fits well and Mia is very comfy. I was able to maneuver her into the bag quite easily. As you can tell, my iPhone fits in the top slot very snuggly which frees up my hand. It's very soft and sturdy. There is a clip for car keys as well. An added plus is when she's in the carrier while sitting on my lap. Her nails don't touch me and we are both comfortable.

Best pet pouch ever!

I bought this 6 months ago when my son brought home an 8 week old chihuahua puppy and it has been in use almost daily. The quality is excellent and our little guy took to it from day one, and felt safe, snug and secure inside. We originally placed a small towel for him to cuddle up to inside while he was tiny but now he is almost 5 pounds and it still carries him comfortably. It is great to have to bring him out on the town almost everywhere you go!

Wendy Givler
She loves it!

It's exactly what I was looking for but my 5 pound Maltese just fits in it.

Love this!

I tried the hammick style sling but it wasnt supportive enough and small in some ways for my 8 pound pom. This sling works great! It was easier to get her inside and she felt very secure. For reference she is a pom mix, about 8 pounds, from neck to tail 14 inches and 12 inches tall. There was a little extra space length wise too. I bought the size M for up to 10 lbs. Pics attached.

Soph Laugh
Fun, my dog loves it

I take my 7-lb yorkie to the bike trail with me. She loves it. Before, when we both had good knees, we were long-distance athletes. Now we cruise up and down the hills , under bridges, and off the beaten track. We can ride further and see more. Then, when it's time to hike back up the hill, I let her out of the pouch, and she meanders her way back up the hill, enjoying the freedom and ease. Meanwhile, I'm huffing and puffing pushing the bike up hill. But we arrive to the top, she hops back inside, and away we go. Cruising our way back down for another round. All great fun. If you and your pet are an outdoorsey pair, you'll love this. I wish it was interchangeable, so I could swap sides and give my shoulder a break, but alas, not in this model.

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