FAST DELIVERY:Within 7-10 days after approval
EMAIL & CHAT SUPPORT- Help when you need it.

How It Works

At Pawfect Darlings, we work hard in making your experience smooth and that's why our ordering process is super simple, quick and easy. You can place order with us a 3 easy simple steps :)  



Step 1 - Take a photo of your pet

    • Take a picture at an eye level with your fur baby, not to close to avoid blurred effect
    • Outdoor/natural daylight photos are usually the best quality
    • Make sure all the face and ears are not out of frame.


    Step 2 - Place your Order

    • Browse through our collection and choose a product that best suits your pet’s personality.
    • Upload your masterpiece using the upload button on the product page. Checkout, and our professional design team will get to work.
    • A few days after your order, our professional designers will send a preview of your artwork or get unlimited revision until a design is approved.


    Step 3 – Print and Ship

    • The approved artwork is sent to our production center. You will get an email notification with a tracking number once the package has been shipped.
    • Receive delivery and share your celebration and laughter in pictures with friends and on our social media pages.


    Step 4 - Receive Delivery

    • We love to see our products in action, so feel free to share your pictures with your friends and to our social media platforms. 


    Please note:
    Our creative team will use the exact photo you upload while placing your order. We request you to share the best picture which has the right angles and ensure the color is true to real life.

    The design team will do their best to make sure the artwork highlights fury character and personality. 

    It is your responsibility to provide us with a photo that meets our guidelines, we cannot guarantee as you want it to.

    We can do our best to remove red and but we cannot  make a burry photo visible or a make a mouth open upon request.