Portable Ramp Foam Pet Steps | Ash Gray Linen
Portable Ramp Foam Pet Steps | Ash Gray Linen
Portable Ramp Foam Pet Steps | Ash Gray Linen
Portable Ramp Foam Pet Steps | Ash Gray Linen

Portable Ramp Foam Pet Steps | Ash Gray Linen

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  • Premium Pet Ramps for Dogs and Cats:  These foam steps are designed to cozy right up to the edge of your high bed, tall couch, or other big furniture so your pet can climb up and down to get comfy, so you don't have to carry them either way
  • Support Pet Health and Safety:  Using stairs for the couch and bed can help reduce the stress and tension applied to your pet's joints when they're jumping up and down from high places by removing the need altogether
  • Reduces Strain on Older Adults:  Our versatile dog steps not only help your pets they minimize the need for you to have to pick up your animal to get them up on the furniture, which is especially important if you struggle with strength or stability
  • Multiple Step Size Options:  Ideal for small to medium-sized pets these steps for dogs and cats come in 3-step, 4-step, and 5-step options, so you can use them as dog stairs for beds or pet stairs for cats who need help climbing on a sofa
  • Trendy Home Decor Colors:  We want our dog stairs for high beds and couches to better match your living room, bedroom, or personal space which is why they're available in 17 different colors and patterns to fit your individual style


Front & Centre

We need a close up of your pet’s face and chest so that we can turn them into a great piece of art!


Try to get a close up of your pet. Being on the same level as your pet work best. Try to avoid taking photos from overhead. Remember to make sure their ears are in frame.


You need good lighting for the best result. Photo taken outside or in a well lit room is always recommended, and that you're happy with the colors in your photo.

Customer Reviews

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Gina SalesGina Sales
Pretty pleased with this purchase in general

Bought two of these for my active 14lb dachshund, as he tends to jump into and out of the couch. The steps help support his spine although he still needs to learn not to get up and down too quickly! The lambswool outer covering can be removed and placed into the wash although I haven't tried washing it yet. Pretty pleased with this purchase in general.

Sara W.
Worth the Price! Lovely Set of Stairs for Corgi

I somehow ended up reading the story of a dog on the BCSPCA website who had broken his leg, and needed donations to help cover his medical emergency costs.Of course, the first thing I thought of was how my Corgi/Chihuaha (Chigi?) likes to jump off the bed. I was thinking, "That can't be good for his little legs". He can't get up onto the bed, because it's too high. But he does go flying off it when he hears something or wants down off the bed.Anyway - looked at all the stairs on .ca - these were very highly rated and I liked the look of the white (more cream colour) lambswool, because Archie (pup) is a blonde/beige colour and I figured any hair would blend in better.These arrived, and I didn't see them on our front steps until late in the evening. Grabbed them, unwrapped and set them up next to the bed. Encouraged Archie to try them a few times - he was DELIGHTED! Could not believe Mom had bought him his own set of stairs.Next morning, after my shower - I find my husband smiling away in the kitchen, while making coffee. I asked, "What're you smiling about?"My husband was laughing...Turns out Archie loves those stairs and keeps going up and down them, showing off!So - these not only prevent him from jumping off the bed - they are also a fitness gadget :)Beautiful quality - well made, and well worth the price. We're very happy with these stairs. Our doggie loves them too!


EXCELLENT doggie steps. My mini dachshunds have no trouble going up & down these steps! They are PERFECT! They are well made & look really nice. The gray fabric cover has a zipper to remove it for washing. These are by far the BEST PET STAIRS I've ever purchased. I have three other styles of pet stairs in my home & have used them for over 10 years & these are my dogs' favorite & my favorite. I have posted a photo of my old downstairs pet steps. My dogs would walk up them but never walk down them. They didn't feel secure enough navigating them. NOT A PROBLEM WITH THESE NEW STEPS! These are GREAT! Buy these. Forget the others. These are sturdy, maneuverable & light weight. I can easily move these around. Whoooo Hoooo! I enjoy writing honest reviews for my fellow ians. I hope you find this review helpful. CHEERS!

Great Stairs for Dachshund mix

These stairs are great! I adopted a dachshund mix and wanted to be proactive about protecting her back, as lower back injuries are very common in dachshunds.These stairs did take a while to get used to. I had to take treats and entice her to go up and down multiple times. The stairs are tall enough that they almost reach the top of my bed (and the pattern is so cute). I do have a dog bed next to the stairs by the door, because she's two and sometimes goes down half the stairs then leaps, or likes to leap off the bed to the stairs and then climb onto the bed. This is better than just having to jump onto my high bed though. Now, my dog LOVES to walk down these when she wakes up. Since she has a long body, she uses it to stretch as she goes down the steps.I like how secure the stairs are. Only once when she was super hyper and lept off of the stairs did it move a little. She is 15 pounds though, so that's important to keep in mind too.Overall, these stairs work great. I'm glad I got these proactively, because as she ages she will be familiar with these and it won't be something new. Very satisfied with my purchase!

Nancy Pederson
Very Safe Steps

These steps are very safe and secure. We have purchased other steps that were slippery and did not stay in place very well. Our three-pound Chihuahua fell off those steps and hurt herself. These steps are very secure and soft for her. We now have three sets of these steps: one three-step and two four-step. I highly recommend these steps.

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