Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket  | Camo
Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket  | Camo
Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket  | Camo
Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket  | Camo
Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket  | Camo
Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket  | Camo
Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket  | Camo
Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket  | Camo
Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket  | Camo

Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket | Camo

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  • Helping millions of dogs with anxiety and helps to calm in over 80% of cases
  • Recommended by veterinarians and trainers for thunder, fireworks, separation anxiety, travel, and vet visits
  • A safe and drug-free solution; our dog anxiety jacket calms with no training and no medication so your dog stays totally drug-free
  • Applies gentle, constant pressure to calm anxiety, fear, and overexcitement due to a variety of environmental triggers

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Try to get a close up of your pet. Being on the same level as your pet work best. Try to avoid taking photos from overhead. Remember to make sure their ears are in frame.


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Customer Reviews

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White Wolf
Great for traveling!

Our son has a small rescue dog that we travel with on occasion. The Thundershirt really helps keep the dog quiet and content while flying. He is also much more calm while riding in the car. It does make a difference as we found out while flying one time and having forgot to bring the Thundershirt. The dog still did pretty well until later in the flight when he started whimpering and yipping just a bit. That didn't happen the last time when he was wearing the Thundershirt. He remained quiet and calm throughout the flight. I highly recommend this item, especially for smaller dogs.

This business really backs up their products. Very impressed!

I have had a lot of trouble fitting my chiuahuah with this jacket/pole shirt. No fault of Thundershirt at all ,she is just at the in between XS and S. First i got the Thunderjacket too big size small too big. Then I thought ill get the Thundershirt XS too small. The refund process was so easy took it to the UPS store had the money in my acct within 24 hours! Today I got her Thundershirt size small, fits perfectly! Thank you thunderjackets you made this whole process so easy. It was my fault. You had measurements and it just was a hard dog to fit!

the SMALL size fits our 25 lb. Aussie with a thick coat, just fine.

I was skeptical that I'd notice any bit of improvement in my over-reactive Mini Aussie. ThunderShirt proved me very wrong! From the moment we put it on, he loved it. I put my shoes on to take him for a walk and he did not bark. We walked by a school bus, a UPS truck, a diesel truck - all previous triggers and my Aussie just kept on walking as if he didn't hear or see 'em. WOW! We don't want to take it off. So, for now, he's wearing it full time!

David Robinson
Good Product

Works well - we have a Golden Retriever that is spooked by loud engines and some thunder. This shirt calms him.

Linda G
The Polo Shirt is of the same material as the original Thundershirt. - Better Fit - Design

I am very satisfied with the quality, design and color of this new Thundershirt. Previously I have used the original grey Thundershirt on various foster dogs. This one was purchased for my almost 11 yr old Shish-Tzu that has been having problems with thunder storms as well as the fireworks. I called the company to determining the difference between the original shirt, the Polo shirt and the jacket. Both the orig. shirt, and the polo shirt are of the same material. The jacket is made of polyester. The polo shirt is designed for a better fit and the closer is on the bottom instead of the top. I find the polo shirt to be a better fit and the design is attractive. Not sure how much it helps with her anxiety, we have only used it once so far and she was medicated, but it fits well and she look good.

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