Organic Hemp + Suntheanine Dog Calming Treats | 4g 90c
Organic Hemp + Suntheanine Dog Calming Treats | 4g 90c
Organic Hemp + Suntheanine Dog Calming Treats | 4g 90c
Organic Hemp + Suntheanine Dog Calming Treats | 4g 90c
Organic Hemp + Suntheanine Dog Calming Treats | 4g 90c
Organic Hemp + Suntheanine Dog Calming Treats | 4g 90c
Organic Hemp + Suntheanine Dog Calming Treats | 4g 90c

Organic Hemp + Suntheanine Dog Calming Treats | 4g 90c

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  • USA ANXIETY RELIEF FOR DOGS: Our dog calming treats will provide your furbaby with powerful nutrients to help with dog calming & promote relief to stress & dog anxiety, including hemp oil for dogs, chamomile & Suntheanine. Our calming chews for dogs help serve as a dog relaxer & promote calmness to all breeds, ages, & sizes. If your furbaby gets high anxiety or stress from thunderstorms, fireworks, car rides, separation, guests, or new environments, our calm dog treats got you covered.
  • NO FILLERS + BRANDED INGREDIENTS: Our non-drowsy dog calming supplement is led with whole meats & veggies, not rice & oats. On top of our calming treats for dogs with premium active ingredients, our inactive ingredients are loaded with nutrients: chicken, sweet potatoes, tomatoes & carrots. We use the clinically proven branded ingredient, Suntheanine, that undergoes a proprietary process that increases its efficacy & is more effective than basic dog L-Theanine found in most other calming products.
  • NON-DROWSY DOG ANXIETY RELIEF: With a nervous dog, or anxious & aggressive behavior from loud noises, car rides, dog separation anxiety, or hyperactivity, our hemp dog treats will help your hyper dog feel calm & relaxed. For jumping, biting & helping with stopping barking dogs: Thiamine, Magnesium & natural botanicals (valerian root) for dog stress. For restlessness, chewing, scratching, paw licking & outbursts are reduced by hemp for dogs, taurine for dogs, chamomile & Suntheanine.
  • POWERFUL BLEND OF NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our anxiety dog treats consist of some of the most effective & efficient ingredients you can find. Suntheanine chewable & dog taurine are natural dog relaxants that produce anti-anxiety effects. Hemp for dogs promotes relaxation, dog stress relief & calm for dogs. The natural botanicals valerian root, chamomile flower, passion flower & ginger calm dog & nerves. Magnesium is a calming agent that has been used for centuries & can naturally minimize anxiety.
  • MADE IN GMP & FEDERAL APPROVED FACILITY + TOP DOG VALUE: Our calming treats are formulated by leading pet supplement scientists. Most supplements are privately labeled & have the same/similar ingredients, the only difference is the label. Our k9 chill, hemp dog treats for the calming dog are unique & provide your furbaby with a high-quality, result-driven, no filler formula designed to help with pet anxiety your furbaby for scary storms, fireworks, or dog separation anxiety. 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
My dogs love it!

I purchased this product through a Facebook ad that gave us a rebate after purchase.Both my dogs are high anxiety mixed breeds that came from shelters. They love these treats and I have never had trouble giving them. They definitely help mellow both dogs' behavior; they don't seem to get overly sleepy, but they do not whine or jump as much. We started with half doses just to make sure that neither dog had an allergy to the ingredients. So far we have given on trash day (trash trucks are very scary to the dogs) and for a vet visit. I am planning a road trip and will be giving both dogs treats to calm them in the car.I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to avoid RX drugs.

Helps take the edge off

I have bought these multiple times and keep coming back for more. These seem to help my anxious pitbull and bulldog. I give them two at the most and usually stick with one now that they've gotten better. These seem to help alleviate some of their separation anxieties. I wouldn't say it would work with severe anxieties but it definitely helps take the edge off.I love that it's natural and not prescription meds! They get a femur bone with frozen peanut butter and usually by the time they've stopped licking the bone these take effect and help put them to sleep or at least relax better.

Excellent product!!

Amazing product! My Harley dog loves these treats and I really think they do help his anxiety he has when we have to leave him home while we work!! Thanks again for the amazing product!!

Ashley MooneyAshley Mooney
Highly recommend these treats for dogs.

Our dog sustained a leg injury and was down for approximately 2 full weeks. The vet gave us enough medicine for 4 days and he was supposed to be better, but he was not. After researching all night I found these treats and decided to try our dog on them to see if it would help with his leg. The ingredients in these are excellent compared to some of the competitors. Not kidding, our dog was going up and down the stairs within 48 hours by himself again. These treats worked wonders and he is back to his jack Russell self again. I would highly recommend these, just be sure to strictly use the recommended dosage. He also has separation anxiety at times so we will try these for those times. Thank you for helping our dog feel better.

Sherrie Van Raalte
This product has changed my life and the life of my dog

I love this product. I've used it to help my 4 yr old dog who suffers with anxiety. This product has worked amazing for her. I have tried multiple different products from security jackets to special bedding, etc and nothing has worked. Until now. I would highly recommend this product.

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