How to tell if your cat loves you?

Cat love can be confusing!

Yes, we agree!

Cats are angelic but mysterious creatures. They don't like to make their feelings obvious. Of course, they will cuddle you for a while, but the next thing you know; you have scratches all over your hands! Pretty painful, right?

It's not like your cat doesn't love you. Chances are he or she is your number one secret admirer. You just need to look out for these signs of cat love:


This might seem like a red alert, but cats show affection for each other through playful nibbling behaviour.

The little fella may try to softly bite your hand. Just don't make a sudden reaction if the sharp little teeth begin to hurt you, as this could confuse the feline. Instead, try to direct his or her attention away with the help of a toy.

Head butts

Not all but most of the cats are bossy. They love to mark their territory with the help of scent glands available on their cheeks and head. So if your feline is headbutting you, this is her way of telling you that she has accepted you as one of her own.

Generous "surprises"

Cats love to bring "gifts" for their favourite human such as dead mice, feathers, dead birds etc. Ah well, we won't say these "gift" would be something you could put on your study table, but it's a sign that the furry fellow feels safe with you.

Following you around

If your furball insists on sleeping with you, sneaks into your shower, and stares at you while you eat, you are probably a major interest of her.

Display of Tummy

Is there anything cuter than a fluffy cat belly? 🥺

Getting to see a cat belly is an adorable and heart-melting experience that can easily make you say "Aww". Yet only a few people know that it is a sign of a cat's trust. Cats only show their pink tummies to creatures they trust. If you are one of these creatures, congratulations, you have earned your cats love.